Books and edited volumes

2021. Multilingual Democracy. Switzerland and Beyond. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield / ECPR Press. Link | Blurbs by Donald Horowitz & Philippe Van Parijs | What the video “Author meets critics” here | Contact me to receive a discount code. | Read  the book reviews by Seean Mueller in Swiss Political Science Review and by Jennifer Todd in Nationalism and Ethnic Politics.


2018. Equal Recognition, Minority Rights and Liberal Democracy. Alan Patten and His Critics. London: Routledge. [Co-editor of with S. Morales-Gálvez.] link. Previously published as a Special Issue of Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 20(1), 2017.

2015. Reserved Seats, Parties, and Group Representation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Special Section in Ethnopolitics 14(4): 382–434. [Co-editor of the Special Section with E. Hodžić.]

2014. Dialogo sulle quote. Rappresentanza, eguaglianza e discriminazioni nelle democrazie multiculturali. Bologna: Il Mulino. (Indice. Sito editore. Capitolo 7.3. Recensioni: Ticino 7, Verifiche, Language Problems & Language Planning. Interviste/presentazioni: il Caffè_1, swissinfo, il Caffè_2.) Il libro può essere ordinato tramite e-mail al prezzo speciale di 15 fr. (invece di 24 euro ; IVA e spedizione comprese). Ascolta l’intervista alla Radio Svizzera, Rete 2, «Foglio volante», 13.11.2014, 18h05’40”-18h10’31”.

2014. Demokratie in der Europäischen Union. Ein Schweizer Beitrag zur Debatte | Democracy in the European Union. A Contribution from the Swiss Perspective. Zürich: Schulthess. [Co-editor with D. Kübler.] (Inhaltsverzeichnis | Table of Contents. Jetzt kaufen – buy now.)

2013. Dialogue sur les quotas. Penser la représentation dans une démocratie multiculturelle. Paris: Presses de Sciences Po. (Sommaire. Remerciements. Fiche de promotion. Acheter maintenant. Vidéo: dialogue n° 2 (français), dialogue n° 3 (Deutsch). Les comptes rendus: Lectures, Revue française de science politique, Minorités linguistiques et société, Language Problems & Language Planning. Entretiens/présentations:  l’Hebdo, Le Courrier, l’Express, swissinfo).

2013. New Nation-States and National Minorities. Colchester: ECPR Press. [Co-editor with J. Danero Iglesias & S. Weinblum.] (Contents. Buy now – hardback.) 2nd edition March 2014. (Buy now – paperback.)

2011. ‘Switzerland. A Nation State or a Multi-national State?’, Nations and Nationalism 17(4): 712–820. [Co-editor of the Special Section with M. Helbling.] (Read the introduction.)

2011. New/Old Constitutional Engineering? Challenges and Implications of the European Court of Human Rights Decision in the Case of Sejdic and Finci v. BiH. Sarajevo: Analitika – Center for Social Research. [With E. Hodžić.] (Free download English & BHS.)

2007. C’era una volta una città. Racconti di Sarajevo. Lugano: Fontana edizioni. Ordina qui (sconto 50%)