When racist voters discriminate against minority candidates


CIS News 2015.  PDF

Nenad Stojanović

Imagine that you are a small fish and the pool owner tells you that you have the freedom to swim in his pool. And then he adds: “But notice that the pool is full of white sharks.” Does the notion of freedom have any meaningful value in such a situation? Now imagine that, in a democracy, voters belonging to a given identitygroup (e.g., white people), that happens to be in a numerical majority, systematically vote only for candidates from that group and not for candidates of a minority group (e.g., black people). Imagine, moreover, that this decision isbased on morally objectionable forms ofprejudice (such as racism, xenophobia, or sexism). We could call such a voting behavior “electoral discrimination”. […]

Auf Deutsch, vgl. «Diskriminierung bei Wahlen» (uniluAKTUELL, Dezember 2014). PDF

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