Book Reviews

2017. ‘Review of Institutions for Future Generations, edited by Iñigo González-Ricoy and Axel Gosseries’, Revue nouvelle 72(8). [In French.] PDF

2016. ‘Review of Minority Rules, by David Lublin’, Swiss Political Science Review 22(3): 435-437. PDF

2013. ‘Review of Lotteries in Public Life: A Reader, edited by Peter Stone’, Political Studies Review 11(3): 438. PDF

2012. ‘Review of Linguistic Justice for Europe and for the World, by Philippe Van Parijs’, Swiss Political Science Review 18(4): 546-548. [In Italian] PDF italiano. Translations: Bosanski srpskohrvatski. Deutsch. English. Français. Nederlands. Rumantsch.

2012. ‘Review of Law, Justice, Democracy, and the Clash of Cultures: A Pluralist Account, by Michel Rosenfeld’, Perspectives on Politics 10(4): 1064-1066. PDF

2012. ‘Review of The Northern Ireland Experience of Conflict and Agreement. A Model for Export?, by R. Wilson’, Regional and Federal Studies 22(2): 231-232. PDF

2011. ‘Review of Öffentlichkeit und Sprachenvielfalt, by Anke Tresch, and Gespaltene Schweiz – geeinte Schweiz, by Wolf Linder, Regula Zürcher and Christian Bolliger’, Swiss Political Science Review 17(4): 499–503. [In French] PDF

2010. ‘Review of La démocratie genevoise, by Dominique Wisler, Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Geschichte 60(3): 383–385. [In German] PDF

1999. ‘Review of The Mass Psychology of Ethnonationalism, by Dušan Kecmanović’, Swiss Political Science Review 5(2): 146–147. PDF