Discrimination and Politics


[Stojanović, Nenad. 2018. ‘Discrimination and politics’, in Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen (ed.), The Routledge Handbook of the Ethics of Discrimination, Chapter 29, pp. 348–59. PDF | bit.ly/2oSVkND]

Political philosophers and legal theorists working on the concept of discrimination hardly ever mention the sphere of electoral politics (see, e.g., the various essays in Hellman and Moreau 2013; Altman 2015). They mostly refer to discrimination arising in areas such as employment, education and housing (cf. Chapters 25 and 26). And yet, as numerous empirical studies show (see, e.g., Fisher et al. 2015; Street 2014), discrimination is present in politics too. Hence, the aim of this chapter is to elaborate a conceptual roadmap – supported by selected empirical examples – that shall help to address the concept of discrimination in the political–electoral sphere of liberal democracies. […]

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